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slatted floors

Slatted floors

Slatted floors are built from wooden slats on a flat floor. They are somewhat less stable than a wooden floor, but are also lighter. It represents a good compromise between light but more vulnerable inflatable bottoms and the extremely durable but more complicated structure of wooden floors, ultimately producing very good performance.

To the slatted floors - Lotus | Video : Lotus assembly
Air bottom

Air bottom

We've developed a completely new technology for our inflatable bottoms, based around a double wall of PVC-coated mesh. This creates small, individual shaped air chambers that form a perfect keel for cutting through the water like a knife. Our inflatable floors are built into the boat, not added in afterward or forced in after the rest of the boat is inflated. The outer surfaces feature a remarkable smooth structure, and come in colors beyond the all- too-typical gray. Our inflatable bottoms are stable as concrete, but setup and assembly of our inflatable bottom boats is child's play. Less weight and top stability come together with attractive designs to produce something wonderful: Bengar boats with world class inflatable floors.

To the air bottom - Nexus | Video : Nexus assembly
Hard floor

Hard floor

Inflatable boats with hard floors are the most traditional variation. The wooden floor has a stabilizing effect on the boat's handling. End-to-end boards made of marine quality plywood and connected by cross-shaped aluminum profiles are robust and durable. This option also allows for fixed elements like chairs to be fastened down. High speeds and demanding usage, maneuvers and transportability are clear benefits to a wooden floor.

To the hard floor - Baron | Video : Baron assembly

Our tip

Looking for an affordable but robust boat for occasional use? Does it need to be light and portable, with comfort more of a factor than speed? Then the slatted floor boat is the right one for you. It's perfect even if you're traveling alone and need a lighter boat, and slatted bottom boats are also highly affordable and an attractive choice for occasional boaters. They are small, practical and tough. An excellent, highly robust dinghy.

Looking for a sporty boat that can hit top speeds, is easy to transport and sets up and breaks down fast? Then an inflatable bottom boat is probably the best choice. It offers the greatest comfort and lowest weight. It's very comfortable to sit on the inflated floor, keeping even longer trips and passages through higher waves unstressful. But do note: inflatable floor boats require a bit more attention, since rubber wears harder than wood. If cared for properly and used with caution, these light-weight marvels are tremendous companions!

Looking for a robust and stable all-round boat that doesn't need to be inflated and deflated for each trip? There's a reason why wooden floor boats are the most traditional style of inflatable boats. The structure requires a bit more skill and the boats are a bit heavier, but the wooden floor also ensures a reliable dose of fun when it comes to maneuverability and durability.

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