Foldable launching wheels for inflatable boats and dinghy in stainless steel - Made in germany

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Launching Transom Wheels for inflatable rib boat

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Product Description

Foldable launching wheels for inflatable boats

The foldable launching wheels are attached to the outer side of the transom, ready to transport easily your boat on the land without any effort from a single person. The wheels have a retractable function due to their own design:
Position 1-Top: stitched ON the boat's transom for all the operation on the water during the navigation. Position 2-Down: hanged UNDER the boat's keel on the transom to transport the boat on shore.
The Top and Down positions of the wheels are fixed according to the design of the boat. Using the appropriate folding feature, they can be fixed down while transporting the boat on the coast. The launching wheels can be folded up and locked into place to guarantee the best on-board comfort during the navigation, and leaving intact the folding characteristic of the inflatable boats. In facts these launching wheels are designed to stay on place on the transom even when your bot is deflated and stored into its own transportation bag. All parts are made of stainless steel and are highly resistant to water, salt and rust. The wheels are made of plastic rims and inflated rubber tires.

  • - foldable and detachable
  • - can be extended and folded by hand in few seconds
  • - the boat becomes transportable on any surface (for boats up to 180kg)
  • - a single person can comfortably move a loaded boat
  • - the folded up and locked wheels do not obstruct the journey on the water
  • - do not limit the engine compartment, what is especially important when manoeuvring
  • - the overall appearance of the boat on the water is not impaired by the wheel
  • - compatible with any boat transom
  • - made in Germany.

Assembly Instructions

Tools you need to mount the Launching Wheels:
  • - a spirit level
  • - a 13mm Wrench
  • - a Wood drill bit 2mm
  • - a Wood drill bit 8mm
  • - a water soluble marker
  • - the included template
  • - an electric screwdriver

You will need to make 2 holes on the left side of the transom and 2 on the right side.
1. We will start marking the lower left hole with the use of the included template. The hole must be at least 16 centimetre from the left tube and 11 cm from the bottom side of the transom. So it's enough to place the template on the lower side of the transom and then moving it on the left as much as you can. You will use the right upper corner of the template to mark the first hole. Before to proceed you must unpack the launching wheels and set the special retaining plain washer (with double hole) attached to the launching wheels. With the use of the plain washer and a spirit level you can mark the upper left hole perfectly vertical and on the same axle of the lower one.
2. To replicate the same process on the right side of the transom. You will need to use the backside of the template
3. Once you marked the right fixing points, you are ready to drill. We suggest to use before the 2mm drill bit and then the 8mm one, drilling from the outside and the inside part of the transom for each one the the 4 holes.
4. Now you are ready to install your launching wheel. Set each wheel in position using the 4 holes done. Pay attention to have the slanted part of the vertical iron fixing support on the top position and leave the wheels (in the folded position) outside the vertical support itself (between it and the inflatable tube). On the internal side of the transom you must set before the plain washer then the washers and the nuts. Use the 13mm wrench to fix the nuts and you are ready to launch your uploaded boat by yourself!

In Scope of Delivery

  • Wheels: PU tires on plastic rims without bearing
  • Stainless steel column with appropriate stainless steel components: spacers, splints and springs
  • Stainless steel nuts for attachment to the stern board
  • Stainless steel plate
  • Full rubber seal (4 mm)
  • Of course a fitting instruction

Technical Data

Part Number KS/BG-260
Barcode 0700736969755
Weight 5.44 kg
Product Weight 5 kg
Size Säulen: Vierkantrohr 30 x 30 x 2,0 mm
Made in Germany
Delivery time 3-5 Days
Manufacturer Bengar
Mounting Bolt on
Material Stainless Steel
Color Grey

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