N-320 cm Bengar Nexus Inflatable Boat / Dinghy with air bottom (white/red)

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Product Description

Fishing Rod Holder or Cell Phone Holder

Rod holder or mobile phone holder incl.

Your dinghy comes equipped with a mount system that can host interchangeable accessories on the boat. During the ordering process you can choose for free between a fishing rod holder or a cell phone holder. You can also purchase any other accessory from our Railblaza catalog, attach it, fix it and replace it as desired. You can find the whole range of products here.

Soft Rod Mount

A soft Rod/Pole Holder on the Boat

We provide every inflatable boat with a vertical PVC pole/holder. Ideal accessory for laying the fishing rod from the hand. The rod then stands vertically in the inside part of the boat and due to the construction material, it doesn't reduce the on-board comfort. On the contrary its flexible shape and elasticity allows you to use this piece of equipment for landing nets, pliers or beach umbrella. Internal diameter 3.8 cm.Details

Bow bag buckles

Holding system for bow bags and bow canopies

Around the bow of your dinghy you will find 9 small knobs. These knobs, already installed on any Bengar inflatable boat, provide a holding system to fix bow bags, bow canopies or anything you need to fix and secure on board. This is a fixing system that works with any strap you need to fix on your inflatable boat. Your tender is ready to be customized as you like.

Light weight inflatable boat

Light as a feather

This is our Nexus. The dinghy has been designed to be transportable by a single person. Thanks to the use of the best PVC on the market, PVC Valmex Boat 7318, the 42 kilos are well spread over the 320 cm length keeping a resilient PVC boat as always, even though we are using a material with 1000 Decitex.

Folded inflatable boat only 1,2 meter long

Only 1,2 Meter, it'll fit in every trunk

Our folded boat fits in every trunk and is easy to carry from A to B.Details

Safe on board

Safety is for us a priority

Thanks to our safety valve from Bravo it is impossible to have problems with over pressure in the inflatable's tubes. The valve simply lets out the air when the pressure is too much. An uncontrolled bursting of the inflatable boat when the sun is too high is practically impossible. Anyway you can activate the valve or not to rule the extra pressure.


The special feature is the bulkhead partition

The three bulkhead partitions of our Lotus contribute to regulate the air pressure in the whole dinghy. If one chamber has not the sufficient amount of pressure, it will receive more volume by the adjacent one to maintaining a uniform pressure on all the inflatable boat. Details

PVC for inflatables - characteristics


The Nexus 320 is made of a 5-layered, fabric-reinforced PVC material, "Made in Germany", with a thickness of 0.8 mm (1000 Decitex). This means that one square meter of our material weighs 1000 grams. The exterior of the Nexus 320 is therefore largely resistant to UV light, oil, salt water and abrasion. The exact name: VALMEX® 7318 Mainstream. Order a free sample

Inflatable boat detail

A real keel despite the air floor!

We developed a new technology to shape and equip our Nexus inflatable boats with a real air V-Keel witch has nothing to do with the traditional squeezed air floor or the grey inflatable mattress you could have seen on other boat models. We wanted a genuine V-keel that fit to the boat just as sturdily as graceful. In order to produce the Keel we paste together all the sections not just side by side but from the top to the bottom of the partition walls. Forward and to the side of the boat, the dividing walls become longer and longer forming a real real V-Keel. The result is a boat that cut the water like a knife. Details

PVC Layers overlapping and glueing

Overlapping Process

Instead of glueing the layers one next to the other, here at Bengar the PVC is overlapped. This extensive and expensive procedure leads to less air leaks and to a more resilient craft. Details

Free accessories installation

Free of charge installation of accessories on your inflatable

Each accessory ordered in combination with a dinghy is assembled free of charge from us on your inflatable boat. After the purchase we will send you a sketch with the suggested spot for your accessories. If you like it, the accessories are installed on the inflatable according to the sketch. Otherwise we will change the sketch following your directives until it meets your requirements. Details andExample.

Double hold better

Double holds better

The outer PVC layers of our boats are not just patched from outside, but also from inside at the same time. This is the best construction way to prevent any air leak.

In Scope of Delivery


Technical Data

N-320 Abmessungen
Part Number NE-646-320
Barcode 700736968932
Max engine weight 52 Kg
Shaft Length Short
Weight 42 kg
Suitable for salt water Yes
Delivery time 3-5 Days
Manufacturer Bengar
Made in Ukraine
Color White/Red
Width 146 cm
Diameter of the tube 40 cm
Hull 1000 Denier Valmex 7318 0,8 mm
inside width 66 cm
length inside 228 cm
Max. load capacity 500
Maximum Power Allowed 5-15 Ps
personal number 4+1 (child)
Air Chambers 3 + 1 Luftboden
Baseboard Yes
Handles Yes (2 rear 1 front)
  • N-320 cm Bengar Nexus Inflatable Boat / Dinghy with air bottom (white/red)
  • Price: €999.00 - Out of stock
  • Brand: Bengar
  • Color: White/Red

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