Our boats feature top quality and premium craftsmanship, but nevertheless over the course of time small damages can occur. These are often easy to repair. If a small hole appears in the mesh, repair it as follows:

  • Determine the site of the hole and cut out an appropriately sized patch.
  • Seal the spot using adhesive tape.
  • Clean and dry the spot and rough up the area around the hole a little using sandpaper.
  • Rough up the adhesive side of the patch as well to improve adhesion.
  • Now apply the adhesive. We recommend a dual-component adhesive for PVC. The extra hardeners make dual-component adhesives tougher than single-component adhesives. These generally include 4 to 5 parts hardener per 100 parts adhesive. The mixture cures fast, so the previous steps must already be completed before you mix up the adhesive. 
  • Apply a thin layer of adhesive onto the surface at first and allow it to cure for 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Then apply a second coat and allow it to dry for 5 minutes. The adhesive should be almost dry. Apply the patch and using a cylinder or gas canister roll over the patch on a hard, flat surface to make a firm connection to the substrate. The cylinder or canister helps prevent air pockets.
  • Leave the spot alone for two days so that the adhesive can cure before refilling the chamber with air.
  • If the hole occurs while away from home, plan in at least two hours of downtime and do not inflate the chamber to its full rated pressure. The adhesive will only achieve approx. 70% of its strength during that period and would not hold up to the standard pressure.

Spare parts

Given the long life spans of our boats, you are likely to need spare parts at some point. We offer spare parts at fair prices in the event of a defect or loss. You can order from us 24/7.
We offer spare parts for all aspects of the boat, including valve caps, seat boards, pumps, oars, fastening screws and carry bags.

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