Maintenance and care

Here are a few important tips to keep your boat ready for action even longer: 


  • Clean the boat with fresh water and a bit of soap after each usage. Use soft cloths or sponges to avoid abrasion.
  • If the boat becomes heavily soiled, special cleaners are available, although care must be taken that they are suitable for use with PVC.
  • Allow the boat to dry, letting out a little bit of air so that it maintains its shape. But note: Never allow the boat to dry out in the sun when fully inflated.
  • Otherwise use soft cloths to dry it.
  • The boat may only be folded and stowed once completely dried. Residual moisture can lead to mold and damage to the wooden pieces.
  • The boat should be stored in a dry, well ventilated spot that is not subject to extreme temperature fluctuations. Due to the very warm temperatures involved, do not store the boats in heating rooms where possible.


It came out of the carry bag, but won't fit back in! All long-time folding boat captains know that moment, but with a bit of practice you can get your boat back to the right size. Here are a few tips:

  • Lay the boat on a flat, smooth spot and remove all accessories and materials such as fishing rods, oars, etc. 
  • Tip the boat so that the open side is downward to allow any water still present inside to flow out.
  • Then flip the boat back over so that the open side is facing upward. Dry it off with a soft cloth, or bleed out a little air and allow it to dry in the sun (never leave to dry in the bright sun when fully inflated, as this can damage the material!)
  • To release air, press the valve using your pointer finger.
  • Then turn the valve to the right with your thumb and pointer finger.
  • Empty air chambers 1, 2 and 3.
  • Fold the two exterior air chambers toward the interior.
  • Bring the outside chambers in line with the transom board.
  • That means that the folded sides of the boat may only be as wide as the transom itself.
  • Now fold the transom toward the center.
  • The ends of the transom are now arched like a cone and are folded toward the inside.
  • Now curl up the transom and drive it further forward. Pressing carefully, guide the rest of the air toward the outside.
  • Just before reaching the tip, fold it in.
  • Fold the end of the boat with the transom board above it.
  • Now you can slide the bag over the boat.
  • If you now roll the bag to the side, the bag's opening is upward.
  • Finally you can stow the rest of the accessories in the bag and close it.

Wood care

The seats and floors of our boats are produced from high-quality marine plywood, protected through multiple coatings of lacquer and varnish and water-resistant resin. This means that minor damages aren't an issue. We nevertheless recommend at the end of the season that an inspection is made of wooden parts and that repairs be made to any damages.

  • If damages are discovered, sand down the damaged spot on the wood using sandpaper.
  • Coat the spot two to three times using marine paint, such as dual component polyurethane paint, which is known for being exceptionally strong and water-resistant.

A little goes a long way!

The market is full of specialized cleaners, some of which claim an ability to reinforce the material. In truth, these often do more harm than good, especially if they are not tailored specifically for the material. Save yourself the money. A bit of soapy water is usually more than enough for cleaning.

Here are a few things to consider about those "miracle cleaners":

  • Silicon-based cleaners weaken bonding strength
  • Some cleaners reduce adhesiveness and can potentially cause damages to the seams
  • The best method to protect your boat against the sun is shade, whether under a roof, tarp or similar object. We recommend against "sun creams".

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