Bengar boats technology

Overlapping Process

Instead of glueing the PVC layers one next to the other, here at Bengar, the PVC is overlapped. This extensive and expensive procedure leads to less air leaks and to a more resilient craft.

Melded joint

To maintain the promised high production standards, in stead of glueing the boat's junctions, we use to melt them all. This working process allows to all the Bengar inflatable boats an amazing resistance to extreme working temperature, resilient up to 140° Celsius grads.

Double layer holds better

The outer PVC layers of our boats are not just patched from outside, but also from inside at the same time. This is the best construction way to prevent any air leak.

Bulkhead partition

The three bulkhead partitions of our Lotus contribute to regulate the air pressure in the whole dinghy. If one chamber has not the sufficient amount of pressure, it will receive more volume by the adjacent one to maintaining a uniform pressure on all tubes of the inflatable boat.

inflatable boat Bulkhead partition


Each Bengar inflatable boat is made following the "Stich" method: we produce single parts of the inflatable and than we paste them together. Only so we can obtain the perfect match of all the single parts and an absolute sealing all over the boat. The precise gluing ensures a perfect connection among the parts and the result is a durable vessel made of the high-quality 5-layer PVC by Mehler.

Air floor

We developed a completely new technique for our inflatable air floors, which is based on a double wall made of PVC-coated fabrics. This creates individual small air chambers shaped to form the perfect keel...which cuts the water like a knife. Our floors are a part of the boat and you don't need to add them after the inflating. The surfaces are characterized by a flat structure and come in more than one color. The stability of our floors is as hard as real while the construction and assembly of our air-floor boats is really user friendly. Light weight and the highest stability are combined with appealing designs: Bengar boats with extra class air floors.

Dinghy Air Floor

Air valve

To avoid air leak all the air valves are tested before the final installation on the boat. If any problem would occur to your inflatable boat, we offer all the necessary equipment and spare parts to repair the damage: click here..

air Valve


Two of our models have an inflatable V-keel. The keels stabilize the boats on the water, increasing the maneuverability to any speed and under any circumstance. Our V-keels enable fast turns and a better balance of the boat on the water at higher speeds.

Air chambers

All our boats have at least three air chambers. Even when one chamber fails the boat buoyancy is ensured and on-water-reparations are possible.

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